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Copperfield Area / Northeast Austin Historical Notes

Historical Diagram of Copperfield - Area Sites : View a diagram of northeast Austin with sites of historical interest and links. Map updated 5/31/01

An arrowhead found at Walnut Creek Park
Walnut Creek District Park-area History: A treasure trove for anyone interested in northeast Austin history from prehistory to the twentieth century.

Also see Archaeological Remains in Copperfield / Northeast Austin Updated on 7/6/2001

Aerial View of Copperfield from 1954
Historical Maps of the Copperfield/northeast Austin area

Early Owners: Learn what was in our neighborhood before our houses were built

The Coxville Zoo: The Coxville zoo has reopened in cyberspace. Photos added, 9/7/2001

A December, 1952, Austin Newspaper Ad for Hank Williams Sr.'s Appearance at the Skyline Club A History of North Lamar Boulevard : Read some of the interesting history of North Lamar Updated 2/27/02

North Austin Historic Communities (Information from the Texas State Historical Association)

Dessau: A community northeast of Copperfield
Sprinkle: A community southeast of Copperfield
Fiskville: A community south of Copperfield (on North Lamar)
Merrilltown: A community northwest of Copperfield (near Mopac and 1325)

How to Help the Copperfield History Project
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