The Miller Family stands in front of the Owl Club (facing towards "North Lamar"), circa 1940. The Millers are related to the Gaults, former owners of the Owl Club.

Gerald Peoples, Ruth Peoples, Nola Davenport and another waitress inside the Owl Club, 1940

A close-up view of the Peoples, the employees, and the stock

A close-up view of the owner, on the west side of the Owl Club -- where the original entrance was, 1940 or 1941

A May, 1941 telephone directory ad for the Owl Club

A current view of the back side of the Owl Club.

This wooden building on the left, viewed from behind the auction house, is part of the original Owl Club. In the close-up picture of the Owl Club on the right, a stone terrace is visible. The wooden part was added later. This stone terrace surrounded a porch which served as a dancing floor. Placed on the stone terrace were stone planters holding moon plants. Here dancers waltzed the night away listening to live music. (Leon Carter, personal communication, 2000)

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