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1.8 Alarm Recovery and Reset


The Operator will respond to an alarm on the Rapid Thermal Anneal by
resetting the machine or by identifying a problem that requires the
assistance of a Maintenance Technician. The Operator must know which
problems require the assistance of a Maintenance Technician.

Numerous events may trigger an alarm and either interrupt or prevent
processing with the RTA. This document describes the steps which must
be taken before attempting to reset the machine.

Tools Needed:
A pointed tool to press reset buttons (such as part # ELE0001073).

Note: Pressing the <Esc> button on the keyboard should cause the alarm
to stop sounding.

1.8.1 Checking the Wafers
1. Open the chamber door.
2. If any wafers are slanted on two support pins on either the process
tray or the cooling station pins, or have dropped off the robot arm,
call the Maintenance Technician immediately and do not proceed with
corrective action.
3. If there is a wafer on the aligner, put the wafer back into the
sender station (see 1.5 “Practicing Moving Wafers” for more details on
this step).
4. If there is a wafer in the chamber, check the Process Option #2
screen. This screen will indicate whether or not the wafer was
5. If there is a wafer in the cooling station, move it to the receiver
station (see 1.5 “Practicing Moving Wafers” for more details on this
6. Call a Maintenance Technician if you see any of the following:
· the robot arm is stuck on the chamber or moves freely
· the door is closed on the robot
· there is a wafer on the robot arm
· a wafer is broken
· any other serious or unknown conditions

1.8.2 Correcting the Alarm Condition
If you feel comfortable with correcting the alarm condition, you may try
the following options: Reset Safety Conditions
Note: This procedure is often successful and allows the run to be
restarted using the START button on the operator panel.
1. At the Main Menu type <6> to bring up “Main Menu (other).”
2. Type <1> to bring up “Maintenance/Service.”
3. Type the password <ast>.
4. Press <Enter>.
5. Choose “Reset Safety Conditions.”
6. Press <Enter.> Reset the Robot
See instructions in Section 1.6. This option will re-initialize the
robot to its home position. Press Other Reset Buttons
Note: This option will reset individual subsystems of the RTA. This
option is carried out frequently when the machine malfunctions and the
reason is not immediately known.
1. Obtain a small pointed object.
2. Go to the back of the machine.
3. Open the panel doors.
4. Visually scan the modules for red lights. Red lights indicate
5. If the module with a red light has a button labeled “reset,” use the
pointed tool to push that button.
6. If the alarm continues to sound, there may be a machine parameter
which needs adjustment. Contact a Maintenance Technician for

Note: After a machine has malfunctioned, you may need to put an empty
cassette into the receiver station to receive any additional wafers as
they are processed. Remember that after a machine in operation has been
interrupted, it may not know that there are wafers in its receiver

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