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How to Assist the Copperfield/Northeast Austin History Project

The Copperfield/North Austin History Project is an online catalog of interesting historical events that have taken place in Northeast Austin. The project is a large project and research assistance is greatly needed. Can you help out? Such a project is suitable for anyone with an interest in northeast Austin area history, especially high school students working under a teacher's direction. Also, college students, retirees, and all local history buffs are needed to lend valuable assistance to the project.

How Do I Help Out?

You help out by taking responsibility to research one of the issues in the list below. Sources such as newspaper archives, internet searches, books, and personal testimony from residents of the time are all valuable in seeking out information.
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List of Research Projects

1. Bonnie and Clyde's Visit

On May 15 and 25, 2000, Mr. Luther Fox of Austin was interveiwed and gave the following account. These are remarks that Mr. Fox made regarding his memory of the Bullhead Inn:
The owners were named Bull. The owner Mr. Bull once told my father that Bonnie and Clyde had stopped and eaten at his restaurant. I am a witness to him telling this to my father. I was there . . . . The place burned down in the 1930s . . . . You may see an abandoned road near the site that has been gated off. That is the old Highway #2 . . . ."

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In addition, I have been told that in the 1930's, before Bonnie and Clyde died, Readers's Digest printed a story mentioning their visit to the area. These old Reader's Digests are very hard to find.
Questions: Do any of the books on Bonnie and Clyde refer to this stopover? or refer to their passing through the Austin area? Can you find a public record that refers to their presence in the Austin area at a specific time? Can you put a date on this event?

2. Livestock Ponds and Natural Springs

Northeast Austin was once covered by farms, ponds, and springs. The aerial map here shows two bodies of water that existed at the time. There are known to be numerous springs in northeast Austin. Some of these springs seem to have disappeared (i.e. Ross Spring in Walnut Creel Park). Others are endangered by land development. Others have been fenced in and are virtually unknown. Can you find these sources of water and map them?

3. Time Capsule Hidden at the Skyline Club

It has been said that when the Skyline Club was once refurbished the owners buried a time capsule. Is the time capsule lost forever? Can you find any information on the time capsule? Members of the Stark family may have information on this item. See Skyline Club at A History of North Lamar Boulevard

3. Dessau Hall

See related questions at Dessau, Texas

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